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Terrace Gardening


Having our own garden is a blessing in this covid period. When lockdown was imposed and we were not allowed to step out of our homes, our gardens were only place where we can relax and get fresh air from. These were life saviour. Like what is better than eating a freshly ripe tomato direct from the plant.

Not only in covid period but in daily life terrace gardens are a must in this concrete jungle(cities). It is a myth that these costs a lot but if we plan then there is no better investment other than this.

It doesn’t matter weather small or big the space you have, with proper planning we can create a magic in small space too. How lively gardens are just thing of beautiful flowers, different fruits and vegetables, a swing and fresh air what else we need to be happy.

Benefits of a terrace garden:

  • Organic vegetables:

Home-grown fruits and vegetables are way better than the market ones. They have lots of nutrients in them and these are grown without any harmful substances like fertilizers. Growing our own vegetables will ensure heathy living.

  • Improves air quality:

Plants are a good source to avoid global warming. By the means of terrace gardening we can inhale good air and be safe.

  • Connect to nature:

It is said that nature is man’s best friend. So we can stay connected all day everyday with nature if we have a garden in our home.

  • Stay fit:

We spent a lot of money in gym and all but we can be fit through gardening too as it is a very good exercise. This will benefit in two ways as we will stay fit and connected to nature as well.

It doesn’t require a huge amount of investment as we can start with five to seven plants and then we can continue to add more when we are able to.

In this covid period where people are buying the oxygen at a huge cost, we naturally have oxygen as eating and taking healthy makes less chances of getting ill.


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