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The Abstinence – Only Approach in Sex Education


In the era of helicopter parenting, parents are still neglecting the need of introducing their teens to the beautiful and natural process of reproduction.

What is stopping them to do so?

Is it a conservative outlook of our society? Or, the misconception that teaching about sex is equivalent to permitting them to engage in sexual intercourse.

Many justifications are possible to this question but negligence to this household education is diverting the adolescents toward crimes and lack of awareness about their own body.

With the onset of puberty, the human body undergoes plenty of changes both hormonal and physical, inquisitive about these changes they expect answers from their parents and school but when they didn’t get the guidance from the expected source they can always refer to the media.

Nevertheless, merely depending on the internet, magazines, and television can be dangerous because many misrepresentations of gender and sex had been propagated by these same sources.

Therefore, an alternative is that for us to create a comprehensive education plan that can keep our youth more informed about sex and gender-related issues.

Need of sex education

HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases –

According to UNICEF, 35% of HIV infections occur among young people in the age group of 15-34 years. Only 45% of young men and 28% of young women seem to have comprehensive knowledge about HIV/AIDS and its prevention.
In India, 31% of the total population is infected with AIDS/ HIV.
The statistics are alarming, needs an immediate concern.

Sexual Abuse

About 50% of boys and girls have faced sexual assault in India. And in most, case young girls and boys are unaware of the sexual exploitation they are experiencing, they hesitate to talk about it, complain about it. Healthy sex education can save the teenager from such sexual violence.

Respect for each other

Through sex education, youngsters can be taught understanding and respect for the opposite gender.

So let’s break the taboo ,lets talk about it ,lets educate about it.


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