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The Art of Expressing- DANCE


Dance as we all know performed in a way where one can express one feeling by actions. Expressing the feeling in a way where one uses action is called as Dance. One can use different forms to perform and different genre of music gives different forms of dance. Dance is best way to express the feeling. Music gives a background to perform dance. Like an example if we play party songs the actions of songs change. Different culture have different dance forms, like in Rajasthan it is Ghoomar Dance, in Punjab it is Bhangra, in Gujarat it is Garba, in Karnataka it is Bharatnatyam and etc. Different cultures gives different dance forms.
As we know that different styles of dance are there, different forms of dance are performed based on the requirements. Types of dance are-

  1. Ballet
  2. Ballroom
  3. Contemporary
  4. Hip Hop
  5. Jazz
  6. Tap Dance
  7. Folk Dance
  8. Irish Dance
  9. Modern Dance
  10. Swing Dance


It is also most amazing dance form, in this one can easily shows all the expression and moods. This is the most strongest and amazing dance form. This dance is mostly performed on beats of Dholak and live singing. This is amazing dance form.


It is basically the type of dance that is used to present as the special of that country. One performs this as to represent the special dance form of the culture.


This is one such dance form which requires more energy to perform and usually performed on Rocking songs. This is amazing dance form that show enthusiasm from the performer.
As we can see dance performance in our daily activities, in parties, in school competition and many more.

One must know how to dance..


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