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The Grand Indian Weddings


Indian weddings are not less than a festival. They are so extravagant and are celebrated for a week like a festival only. For Indians wedding is a special occasion and need to celebrated on a large scale. There are so many functions lines up in weddings from mehndi to reception, haldi, barat, bidai and so on.

There is a trend going on these days of destination wedding, in which whole setup is shifted to a another place away from home and there the wedding happens. Not only this weddings have themes too and not a normal theme but a unique ones from Bollywood to jungle and igloo themes.

Indian weddings are a great fun just get your best dress on, dance and eat the tastiest food ever. There are a huge variety of food stalls in a wedding which includes Italian, Mughlai, Chinese, Thai, continental and much more.

Indian weddings are never to shiny or bold or bling or bright but in fact the bolder the better. Everyone dresses like this only and even in so freezing cold there are the girls wearing backless and what not. And bride the main focus wears so heavy lehenga in which she can even walk properly and it costs lacks. But she looks like a princess from a fairytale.

Weddings are cultural event but with a modern twist. We follow all the rituals with a modern tadka. Like haldi ceremony turns into a holi and barat into a concert and anything we can imagine is there in a Indian wedding.

You can never get bored attending a wedding as there is so much to do in them. There are a lot of new trends including a cricket match between groom’s and bride’s families and a tug of war or a kite flying competition or a dance face off. Pool parties or pajama parties have become a ritual in modern weddings.

So in next wedding season get on your wedding attire and be ready to experience something new and exciting and enjoy the fullest because there is nothing else like a Indian wedding.   


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