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The Netflix Effect

Netflix series has always had the upper hand in determining what’s hot in fashion and what’s not. From quirky teenage styling to sharp office wear, Netflix characters have donned it all and with finesse. These celebrities get a chance at a far more extensive and younger audience than that of traditional runway shows and fashion magazines, which for years have seen their relevance decline. The fashion industry can use streaming shows to connect to the public and maintain its elitist image.

So, has Netflix become the new runway? Well, kind of. Check out these trends inspired by Netflix shows, and you’ll see what we are talking about!

Sex and the City.

Where it all began?

23 years after the debut of one of the most prominent female dramas, ‘Sex and the City’ still continues to rule the fashion covet. The show has centered around changing the way masses understood modern womanhood and emerged as a cultural force to be reckoned with.

Oh, and then the style. Carrie Bradshaw, the owner of 100 pairs of heels and sumptuous outfits, is every woman’s dream. Carrie was the reason you owned a metallic woven belt, mixed prints, and donned graphic tees over ’80s prom dresses. Wearing lingerie out in public? That’s Carrie’s doing. Layering patterns and fine jewellery? Child’s play.

Samantha, the bold of the quartet, believed in statement outfits. Its okay to show skin, whether be in a plunging neckline or strapless sequined mini dress. The career-minded Miranda taught us to be a professional with a perfectly tailored blazer and a brooch. Monochromes can do wonders at times! The ever-feminine Charlotte opted for traditional shapes like a belted coat or a strapless dress. Well-tailored with hair impeccably blown-out, Charlotte’s street style was a source of endless inspiration for classicists.

Trends from the Era!

The Regency Period would have been an era of style and chicness, as is shown in the famous drama ‘Bridgerton.’ The corsets, headpieces, elbow-length gloves have made the modern woman want them all. Empire- line lingerie dresses of shiny silhouettes in colors ranging from ivory to blue are definitely on-the-list outfits. In the accessory department, search for pearl and leather headbands.

So get into your corsets and glam up!


Power in Suits

All the men have always dreamt of a wardrobe like Harvey Spector. Perfectly tailored clothing and elite styling is a celebration of confidence and a fashion balance between posh and professional. Jessica’s (Gina Torres) wardrobe represents her elegance, integrity, and intellect; Donna’s (Sarah Rafferty), her joy and optimism; and Rachel’s (Meghan Markle), her traditional upbringing and loyalty. 

Wait till you get your perfect suit!


Will Netflix be the futuristic red carpet?


  1. Great article! But, I definitely do hope they don’t make corsets a thing now after following Bridgerton! I mean, we all deserve to breath, after all!


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