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Travelling treasures


In my sense the actual travelling starts when we ditch our itinerary and then explore. Because by following the pre-planned itinerary we only visit the famous places of that country buy without that we can explore the real beauty and culture of that place. Which we didn’t get to know while following the itinerary. How people live there, what they eat, wear, talk and everything.

For some people travelling means relaxing. They go somewhere and book a luxurious resort and just chill there the whole day. But what’s exciting in it, I think if we go to some different place we should explore that.

Travelling calms our body and mind. It is a great escape from our hectic life. It is truly a therapy for our soul. It just makes us energetic and more efficient because relaxed mind is more useful. It gives us more time to spend with our family and friends, to relax, to just forget everything and enjoy. It gives us chance to be amused with the natural beauty, to grow and think beyond what we normally think, to worry less and many more.

Whenever we go out somewhere we always learn something new from the people we meet, from the incidents that happened there, from each and everything we get to know something new. Travelling helps us to push our boundaries and make us do, which we might not do in our daily lives. It really makes us a child with no worries and tension.

In short travelling and exploring new places simply calms our mind and enhances our mood and make us more productive.


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