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Two Important Tips To Be Followed While Blogging


Have we ever considered writing an entertaining blog but don’t know where to start? If the answer is yes, so there are two important tips to be followed while blogging.

To begin with, we need to consider two important categories while blogging. They are:

  • SEO Analysis
  • Readability


(How does it play a major role)

SEO ANalysis

When blogging, it’s crucial to think about SEO analysis. Only Google will find the desired answers for the user in this way. The SEO Analysis is divided into many subheadings, each of which a blogger can focus on. We’ll talk about it here.


The Keyphrase defines the content that we are going to deliver. Keyphrase is nothing but the title of our content. A special and short title entices our readers to read the whole page. A key should have a limit of seven or eight terms and no more than that.


This shows the description of our keyphrase as in what we are going to deliver. The words that we write in meta description makes the readers give it a try in reading the blog.

After the keyphrase, this stands next to it. If we have achieved this means the rest is up to the user. Most importantly, the meta description should not exceed more than three lines. 


In SEO analysis, adding external and internal links is essential.

Internal links are those that lead to other pages on the same website. We can increase traffic to the website by doing so. External links are links to other websites or videos that we use in our material where they are appropriate.

As a result, these two elements are required when we write a blog for readers to dive deep into the content.


(How much this is important)


Secondly, we can see how Readability is playing an important role in blogging. Herein, we will discuss that.


By avoiding the passive voice, we can make our content more readable and engaging. When presenting our material, this is one of the most critical resources we can use. We can use passive voice up to 10% of the time, but only in those situations.

For example:

PASSIVE: This should be done by you 

ACTIVE: You can do this


Usage of Transition words adds value to our content. It makes our user find the content interesting and also engage them throughout. Here are some examples of Transition words that we can use while blogging:

For example: However, In this paragraph, Moreover, In the beginning, Finally

These are some of the examples but we can find even more here.


This plays a major part in Readability. Our sentence shouldn’t have more than twenty words unless and until if it is necessary. Shorter sentences make our user find it easy and also give them a flexible reading experience.

Furthermore, we need to avoid long paragraphs in the blog because they cause the user to overlook the majority of the points. The user is more engaged when reading whether the sentences are brief and good. As a result, we shouldn’t overlook this aspect, and we should take appropriate steps to address it.


These are the two important tips to be followed while blogging. Finally, I hope that by pursuing this, we will be able to produce material that is both high quality and engaging. The primary goal of writing a blog is to thoroughly engage our readers through our posts. So, if we follow these steps, we will be able to produce content that will add value to our site.

Happy Blogging.

Written by: Ananie Borgia


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