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Unexplained Mysterious Places And Theories

Unexplained Mysterious Places And Theories

The Unexplained…

We all love visiting new places and most of us like to adventure them. But, there are some places where we are not able to go and the history behind it is a mystery. So, in this article, we will be having a look at the unexplained mysterious places and theories to be believed behind them.


The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are enormous drawings on the ground that stretch across the Nazca desert in southern Peru. They show more than 300 geometric patterns, spirals and animals. Also, the lines are so fast and can be viewed properly from a height of about 300m. These are believed to be done by the Nazca Indians who lived in the region between 300BC and AD 800. But, there are many questions to be answered about them.

For example,

Why the pictures were made and how are they so precise if their makers had no means to view from the sky?

All these factors remain to be a mystery to all of us.



Stonehenge is a circle of 17 upright stones called sarsens which stand on Sailsbury Plain in southwest England. The stones weigh up to 50 tonnes and have other stones, called lintels, laid across the top. Stonehenge is the only circle in the world with lintels across the top of the stones. And, experts think it was completed in about 1500 BC.

They believe that the sarsen stones were transported from 32km away. Also, more than 600 men would have been needed to move each sarsen stone on the steepest parts of the journey.

Nobody knows why Stonehenge was built, but it may have been a druid’s temple or even a kind of astronomical calendar.

The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

This is one of the mysterious places which we all are aware of us. We have no clue why we are not able to travel to this particular place. The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Florida. It is famous for being the supposed site of many unexplained disappearances. The points of the triangle are Miami, Bermuda and San Juan in Puerto Rico.

In the 15th century, Christopher Columbus claimed to see a “great flame of fire” falling into the ocean in the area. The Bermuda Triangle began to attract attention in 1945 when Flight 19 of 5 US bombers vanished off the Florida coast. Moreover, the plane which was sent to find them also disappeared and around 100 boats and aircraft were lost.

Explanations include magnetic fields, sea monsters and abduction by aliens. But, most experts agree the disappearances are due to bad navigation and extreme weather conditions.

Easter Land

Eater Land

Easter land lies in the South Pacific between Chile and Tahiti and is one of the most isolated islands in the world. It had 10,000 inhabitants, who made huge statues known as moai in the 16th century. The moai are carved from the island’s volcanic rock and has long angular faces. Also, some have eyes made of the carol. Moreover, Archeologist believes that the statues symbolize the spirits of Easter Island’s most important inhabitants.


Conspiracy theories

Many people believe that certain well-known historical events are being manipulated by governments and other secret organizations to conceal the truth. Some of the better-known beliefs are:

·         A secret society called Illuminati controls the world. This shadowy organization features in Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons. Other powerful secret societies, including Opus Dei and the Priory of Sion, feature in his best selling The Da Vinci Code.

·         Sinister groups were responsible for plotting the death of American President Abraham Lincoln, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, musician John Lennon and Princess Diana. Some people claim that the Mafia was responsible for the assassination of US President John F Kennedy. Others think it was the work of Russian spies.

·         Inventions have been hushed by big oil companies who fear the loss of income if new technologies become available. These include light bulbs that last forever and cars that run on water.

·         Aliens from other planets have crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Their bodies and spacecraft have been secretly examined in a place in Nevada, the USA, known as Area 51, and the US government has acquired advanced weapons and space travel technology from them.

·         Photographs of the Apollo Moon landings (20 July 1969) were fake by NASA in a TV studio. Conspiracy theorists have produced “evidence” such as the wrong sort of shadows and a lack of stars in the photographs, which were supposedly taken on the Moon’s surface. They have even suggested that the astronauts were killed as part of the cover-up.


Whatever may it be but we are not aware of the truth and the mystery behind these theories. Like everything, this also remains to be an unsolved puzzle. To conclude, the fact is to accept and believe the theories to be true or to research more out of our interest.

Written by: Ananie Borgia


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