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Wealthy and Eccentric and a Lady

wealthy and eccentric nd a lady

There are many people in the world who would definitely make heads turn with their highly eccentric and brazen acts. Western Europe of the Nineteenth Century definitely didn’t fail to make a score on this regard. Here are two famous examples that falls under the brand of the ‘wealthy and eccentric and a lady’.

wealthy and eccentric and a lady
Horror of the Mundane

It literally means being desperate for attention to the point of really going bizarre. And Marchesa Luisa Casati unfortunately, suffered from this rare breed of malady.

Describing herself as a ‘living work of art’, this wealthy lady was famous for her eccentric outfits. A suit of Armour pierced with hundreds of electric arrows, headpiece made of peacock feathers covered in chicken blood or a live snake adorned as a necklace. Strolling nude or in nothing but a fur coat with her two cheetahs were just a few of her crazier schemes.

No wonder, it put her into debt. Clothes were after all not the only things she spent her fortunes in. Palaces, cars, jewels, antiques, travel- she had it all.

wealthy and eccentric and a lady
Queen of the Desert

Lady Hester Stanhope had planned to take down Napoleon in Constantinople, when he wasn’t even in the city or anywhere near it. When that failed, she traveled to the Middle East and settled in Lebanon.

The house where she settled in, in Lebanon was full of secret passageways and she claimed to have been crowned the ‘Queen of the Desert’. She believed herself to be the bride of the fated redeemer of Islam. And if these eccentricities weren’t enough, she used to throw weird potions on unsuspecting people and fed only ice-cream and human treats to her mare.

Believing herself to be Royalty, she stopped paying for things. When people came searching for her to pay the debt, she walled the doors preventing them and even herself from entering or exiting the house.

As unbelievable and mind boggling as they sound, these were real ladies. And these two ladies are just two of the many fine specimens of the ‘wealthy and eccentric and a lady’.


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