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It’s ironic how one rumor

one picture, one incident, can define you forever. Not only celebs and VIPs but also a normal person faces them from time to time. Everybody faces it. It can be that silent person in the office, the popular kid in the school, or even the person sitting right beside you.

Well, you can’t know rumors. You can hear them, but you can’t know them.

When rumors spread, you can fight them or ignore them, but they never really go away. When you are the target, you do anything you can to protect yourself. Sometimes you hide. Sometimes you fight back. Anything you have to do. You have to protect yourself any way you can.

There are the people who get hurt, and the people who do the hurting. People judge you by the way you look, the things they hear about you. They put a label on you. It’s like the world has given you a certain label that you have to live with for the rest of your life. They hear one incident and it defines you forever, and then it becomes your job to prove everyone wrong. But sometimes it seems like no matter what you do people still see you the way they want to. It’s easy to let that happen, to lose yourself. To believe that no one could ever know you. And that you’re the only person that knows what you’re going through.

People tell lies about you, and other people believe them. And it’s got to the point where the lies might as well be the truth. The truth isn’t always the most exciting version of things, or the best or the worst. It’s somewhere in between. But it deserves to be heard and remembered.

The truth will come out like someone once said ‘it remains’.


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