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Yoga the Best Vaccine


As we all know that our world is fighting against corona, in this the mental and physical health is much affected. The person who is suffering from it had affect over physical health and the one who listens about it has major mental affect. In this pandemic, Yoga or mediation has helped a lot for giving a stable state of mind. The mental state of people is much controlled by yoga or pranayam. Yoga acted as vaccine , it helped giving a healthy state of mind. It not only maintained mental stability but also helped people away from corona. During the pandemic, everyone was much scared and having much affect on health. Some are afraid this much that they got sick of corona only because of thinking and not being in touch with it.

Some easy asan’s that helped as a vaccine to us are-

  • Sukhasana Or Easy Pose.
  • Naukasana Or Boat Pose.
  • Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose.
  • Vakrasana Or Twisted Pose.
  • Kakasana Or Crow Pose.
  • Bhujangasana Or Cobra Stretch.
  • Halasana Or Plough Pose.

Pranayam, meditation, anulom vilom pranayam etc.

In this , the breathing exercise is done which gives maximum supply of oxygen to our body.
Meditating helps in stability of our body. If one meditates , he or she was able to stay happy in pandemic.
As sitting and sleeping all over day, it gave large weight to our body. The bodies needs to be maintained with perfect weight so doing so zumba, yoga , excercise helps to keep the body in shape.
As in starting, there was no vaccine came up, but yoga acted as vaccine. Yoga is amazing exercise giving different asan’s and not harming .
One should must go with yoga as it is simple exercise that keeps the body fit.


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